If we just cease for a few instants in our life and think about it, we realize that life is short afterall and if at the end of the day you still have not found your fire in life, I would not consider it a life lived well. But I have to admit that there are many who lead just mediocre life and they simply let their head rules over the heart in order to be obsessed with anything. I’d love to inquire you one simple question. If day in day out you’re living the exact same boring rhythm where there’s nothing that excites you every morning and nothing to keep you wake at night, I bet no one would consider such life as purposeful. I’m one who’s totally obsessed with many things. When I ‘m obsessed about something I totally love the second. I genuinely trust that after reading this post you will be competent to rediscover the dark and deep passions of your life.

Shortly after I detected my love for cooking, I’ve tried to improve the culinary ability that I have. I comprehend the various cooking shows shown on TV are fantastic to begin with but it requires real practices to truly understand what your location is and begin improving. It really is by making errors, having few burnt steaks and hurt fingers (from slicing) that you sharpen your abilities. Not everyone will love the journey though but if you’ve got the passion, travelling on the journey will constantly be exciting. The various cooking shows on TV are great method to get inspiration from but I still found attending cooking courses to be more fun. I undoubtedly see my skill improving but it’s the interaction with folks of similar interest to me that I locate most carry through and gratifying.

Computer programming is one passion that I discovered not overly long ago. There are times when I repent over it and told myself how much I ‘d have been able to achieve only if I’d found this passion previously in life. Coming from a family of bankers, I was exposed to the world of bankings and finances all throughout my life. I am not certain whether it is because I am a contrarian thinker or it is actually the instance that I loathe banking. What I find more fascinating is indeed discussing about computer programming as an alternative to economics. I’m not a programming specialist (as yet) but I am sure that when driven by passion, I Had get there and it is merely a matter of time.


Whether you understand it, passion is something that cannot be absent from any person. Obsession is what some folks refer to it and talent is what others refer to it as. Whatever you may call it, they’re hidden within us and it is up to us to unravel them. It’s only when you’ve reached your heaviest fire which you will be capable to look at yourself from new viewpoint and only then, life will be filled with so much vigor and excitement. You will love every moment of your life and live every second satisfactorily when you realize your fires.