How time passes so quickly and in only a matter of days, we’re going to end the year 2013. As we wind down from the hectic pace of the professional life, many of us would be pre-occupied with a couple of things in mind. There are definitely things which will last longer in our thoughts than the others. The second question is what significant plans for 2014 do we’ve in mind?

Being a movie freak, one thing that came to my head is what would be the largest blockbuster movie of 2013 that I would remember for times in the future? Although I don’t consider myself to become a harsh film critic, I still believe that some hollywood movies have now been somewhat disappointing, specially in recent times. There are some movies that are produced based on badly written texts and it is quite common for blockbuster movies to be used only as a display of the state-of-the-art visual effects capability.

For now, I’m just going to list down a few of the movies that in my view, are better off than the rest.

    • Star Trek Into Darkness
  • American Hustle


american hustle

  • The Wolverine


  • Fast & Furious 6


  • Captain Phillips


  • The Wolf of Wall Street